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Quality Matters

Here at Cherry Tree Fencing & Landscaping we strongly believe that quality matters. We take the quality of each our services very seriously and this page applies to all of the landscaping services we offer, Fencing, Decking, Custom built sheds / summerhouses / Patio's & Artificial grass / Soft and Hard Landscaping are just some of the examples. 

With over 7 years experience in the trade we have the skills and expertise to perfect every job that we erect, making sure our customers are left with strong, durable, attractive and lasting gardens. Let us tell you a bit about why were different and why you can count on Cherry Tree...

To erect a strong, durable fence we go the extra mile with our preparation. 

We dig our holes approximately 2ft into the ground, the post, whether you have chosen a wooden or concrete post, will then be cemented in to make sure you are left with a strong, lasting finish. 

Even though you may feel this should be a pretty standard procedure but the importance is in how deep the hole is, if this has not been prepared correctly or dug deep enough by the person erecting your fence, then this will not last and is at risk of being damaged in the wind. 

We can proudly say that due to consistency at Cherry Tree, our fences are expected to last up to 20 years. 

Once the hole has been correctly dug and prepared the next important step is the cementing of the hole. 

At Cherry Tree we don't limit the amount of post mix, on average we use 2 bags of post mix per hole. We can proudly say we go above and beyond to measure the materials needed for the job to make sure we secure the post into the ground which leaves you with a fence that will last. 


When erecting Patio's our preparation measures are exactly the same and taken very seriously to make sure we leave you with a strong, lasting and beautiful garden you can be proud of when inviting friends and family over. 

All Patio areas are led on a sub base of between 100-150mm of type 1 aggregates which are wackered down thoroughly to achieve a solid smooth base before laying the slabs on full beds of concrete. This is to ensure the level of the patio will stay the same in years to come with no dips or sunken slabs. 


See our Cherry Tree Videos for more exposure on our Patio Processes and talk through videos.


When decking is laid the most important part is the construction of the framework. Depending on the size of the area the Cherry Tree team will spend time prepping the area and then laying the framework ready for your new decking to go on top. 

The framework will be made to measure to the exact gap in which you wish decking to be. 100 x 50mm timbers will be used to construct the frame and 100 x 100mm posts will be used to support it. Posts will be concreted into the ground where needed to prevent the new decking from moving.


Wooden or Concrete Gravel boards are used to keep the fence panels off the floor, this reduces the moisture held at the bottom of the panel and stops your fence from rotting which makes it last longer. 

When erecting concrete posts and gravel boards here at Cherry Tree we cement all gravel boards in place to prevent them dropping in years to come if the ground below subsides. 

Another advantage of using concrete gravel boards is if the level of your neighbours garden is higher than yours the gravel board will stop the ground falling into your garden without damaging the wooden panels. Once your garden area has been assessed if it falls into this category we will advise which gravel boards will achieve the quality finish but this is also up to the customer which material they would like erected.


Cherry Tree pride in the accuracy of their work, we are perfectionists at heart and especially when it comes to our valued customers. 

With Cherry Tree we have all the equipment and the skillset to tackle any job, big or small, with the ultimate goal, making sure both the customer and we are proud of the outcome. 

We don't cut corners, we don't limit the materials needed and with strict  training measures put in place we can ensure the customer will have a flawless finish. 


All of our gates are custom built on site or at the sawmill depending on the style needed. 

Gates are made to measure and are available in a variety of different styles.

All ironmongery used is either galvanised or protection painted to prevent rusting. 

All gates are fitted with locking systems, a popular one that is used is the gate mate locking system which is key lockable from the front and back of the gate. This giving the customer extra security at the property. Again depending on the property and size of the gate the correct security measures will be put in place by the team to make sure your home is secure. 


When laying Artificial Grass, first the area will be dug out and laid with a weed matt to prevent any unwanted vegetation. The area will be filled with 100-150mm of type 1 aggregates followed by a layer of stone dust. All layers are thoroughly wackered down to achieve solid, smooth base before the chosen Artificial Grass is cut and fitted into the area. Once the grass is flat and in place, a layer of kiln dried sand will be worked into the grass to keep the grass flat and in place.


With Cherry Tree, there has been a careful selection process when it comes to the materials and sawmill's we trust and use. 

All of the materials we use are pressure treated and come with a 10 year rot free guarantee. 

We carefully source and select the products depending on the needs of the customer and the job that needs to be carried out. At your quotation, the Cherry Tree team will take measurements, discuss the style and assess the land to ensure we have the best materials for the desired outcome. 

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Covering all Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas. 

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